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Permanent Residence Classes

This category comprises the following classes: 

  • Chief Executive Officers of large companies with a work force of 250 employees and an annual turnover of K10 million or more. Only companies that have been operating in Papua New Guinea for more than five years are to be considered. As evidenced by certified documentation.

  • A person who is the majority owner of a business investment in a registered resident business for at least five years with net assets and turnover exceeding K2 million and/or any property investment with a net investment in PNG of at least K10 million. As evidenced by certified documentation.

  • A person who is a skilled professional as a medical doctor, medical specialist or educator. As evidenced by tertiary level education qualifications and at least five years work in that professional field in PNG. This category is subject to annual review.

  • Missionaries and religious workers who have worked in Papua New Guinea for at least five years and have access to income of not less than K25,000 per year or who have a written guarantee of financial support from a registered religious organisation or church.

  • A retired person over 55 years of age who can demonstrate an income of at least K50,000 per annum and has worked in PNG for at least five years. As evidenced by certified documentation.

  • The “legally married spouse” of a PNG citizen where the relationship has been in place for at least five years. Documentary evidence must be provided; and

  • The child aged more than 19 years of a PNG citizen (in the case where the child does not have PNG citizenship) where that individual is working in a voluntary capacity at a community or social level. As evidenced by certified documentation.


Dependents of Permanent Residents


Dependents of Resident (Long Term) entry permits must be included in the initial application. 

Dependent means the spouse and children (under 18 years of age) of the applicant. 

A dependent of the holder of a Resident (Long Term) Entry Permit may be granted a dependent entry permit only for the purpose of residing in Papua New Guinea with the substantive Resident (Long Term) Entry Permit holder.  

Employment for dependents is prohibited. 

A spouse must be over 18 years of age and cannot be of the same sex as the applicant. 

A child born to a permanent resident holder automatically qualifies for PNG permanent residence as a dependent.  An evidencing fee of 100 kina applies for evidencing the visa in the child’s passport.  

Criteria for Permanent Residency


An applicant must:-

  1. be the holder of a current valid foreign passport;
  2. be the holder of a current valid PNG entry permit;
  3. be normally resident in PNG;
  4. have a working knowledge of English or a PNG language;
  5. be of good character and good standing in the community;
  6. not have been convicted of an offence and sentenced by any competent court in PNG or a foreign jurisdiction to imprisonment for a period greater than three months;
  7. provide certified police certificates for PNG and any other country that they have resided in;
  8. provide documentary evidence that the applicant is in one of the classes listed above, including IPA certificate permitting a foreign enterprise to conduct business in PNG ( if applicable);
  9. pay the required fee; and
  10. lodge a completed and signed Form with supporting documentation at the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority headoffice.

Further Information on Residency


The Resident (Long Term) may be subject to conditions according to law. 

The entry permit is for multiple entry and the holder can enter and exit PNG subject to having a valid foreign passport and evidence of the entry permit. 

Entry permits will be issued for the life of the holder\s current foreign passport. Entry permits may be re-evidenced on presentation of a new passport and payment of a fee of K200. 

Work Rights

Holders of Resident (Long Term) entry permits are exempt from the provisions of the Employment of Non-citizens Act. 


A Resident (Long Term) entry permit may be cancelled according to law in cases such as the holder being convicted of an offence and sentenced by a court in PNG to imprisonment for a period greater than three months or where the holder remains outside Papua New Guinea for more than 12 months continuously without reasonable cause. 

Where To Apply

The completed application form together with supporting documentation must be lodged at PNGICSA.

Migration Service Fees

The application fee is K5,000. 

The fee for re-evidencing the entry permit in a new passport is K200.

Permanent Residence FAQs

To view the Premanent Residence FAQs click here.

PR Form and Checklists